Ideas — how to spent evenings/weekends with your partner

5 min readApr 1


I think, this question is solved by more than one couple. From the beginning of the relationship (I mean the first few months) everything is great and every minute with that person is not boring. But over time, you should start figure out how to spend free time together.

I asked all my colleagues, friends and family how they spent their free time. Their answers was great, but I’m a relatively more active type of person, so I can’t imagine spending weekends like this for a half a year, for example. I do not like the same stereotype.

I am not a fan of spending money on stupid things and I prefer activities that do not require spend all of the savings.

My most common and suggested activities, that you can do together (i am introvert, so…):

  1. Cycling — it’s great relaxation and you don’t need to immediately looking for mountains and hills. Thanks to bike-sharing, it is not even necessary to save for an expensive bicycle, just jump on Rekola.
  2. Learning /Advent of Code — I like when i can learn something and even more, when i can share these new information with my partner. Even better, when we are learning something new together and we can do brainstorming about it. One of the coolest activities in winter is Advent of Code, where you can together solve really really hard programming and analytical questions.
  3. Investments — i like when i can invests somewhere with my partner and he knows about it something. I studied economic university and we always pick something meaningul and then we can watch how it increace/decrease = be happy or cry :D
  4. Startup — yes, i know it sounds strange, but it is really fun when you have a startup or any project with your beloved person. You can be happy together from achievements, solve failures and tuning it like your second “baby”.
  5. Walking — so far I’ve always been lucky to have guys who liked walks in nature. I don’t like walks in the city and around monuments, but in nature and parks it is a great relaxation.
  6. Talking — sometimes only talking with glass of wine about life, science, family, feelings. Sometimes it can be harder conversations , but they are required for peaceful relationship and sharing the same mind.
  7. Hikes — since I am the granddaughter of Zoltán Oslanec, I do not have problem go to any hill. At the night it is the best and watch stars and moon.
  8. Climbing — i am scary of heights, but still we are going there. Climbers are one of the most opened and good people, there is always very friendly atmosphere.
  9. Programming — you wouldn’t believe it, but we relax and brainstorm and learn something new at the same time. I love our night programming sessions :D
  10. Relaxing — especially on warm summer days = relaxing on a blanket in the Stromovka or in another park is priceless.
  11. Exercise — at one time I was exercising every evening at home with my boyfriend using the Nike application. It was fun, but it wasn’t the real exercise one would imagine.
  12. Reading books — many times during a storm or during the evenings, reading book is great. Even if it may seem like an individual activity, is a great form of relaxation. It is enough be in calm in one room together. Both quiet.
  13. Running — I know, everyone will tell me that this is not a couple activity. But it can be. We tend to alternate 40-minute runs, speed runs, where we will meet every 400 meters and kiss :D or long runs over 10 km in the nature.
  14. Watching movies/series — yes, we always have to have at least one series that we are looking forward together and then talk about it for the next three days.
  15. Massages — oh, just learn to do it more professionally :D
  16. Mentoring/Teaching — preparing workshop or some class together. I think education of younger people is important and make in general people more intelligent.
  17. Cooking — since we’re both learning to cook now, I see it as a social activity that’s quite a lot of fun, especially when I get a totally different take on the recipe.
  18. Planning — i love planning. And when i can tuning our home together, it is more fun.
  19. Lying in bed — I like to practice this especially on Saturday mornings 😀
  20. Skating — there are quite a few good skating routes in Prague, during which one does not have to deal with acrobatic jumps through gaps in the sidewalks
  21. Swimming — here I definitely think, that if a person wants to swim, it is very difficult do it as a couple (we usually argue). But if we want to be in the sauna or on the water slides, it’s great. Just find a guy who isn’t afraid of them :D
  22. Playing with cats — or another animal if you have one. Well, with ours you can play and kill all evening. You don’t even know it, you fall into bed at midnight from fatigue.
  23. Charitable activities — quite often we go to shelters with cats or other forms of activities to help others in crisis situations.
  24. Dancing — anyone who knows me knows that I like swing dancing
  25. Board games —I like to play a strategic or RPG games
  26. PC/PS games — but there is no better way to spend an evening
  27. Travelling — in my opinion, going on a trip with a friend or friends is really great.
  28. Various events/actions/exhibitions/museums — since I’m active, once in a while we go to the zoo, to a conference, to an art exhibition, to a data project, etc.
  29. Food festivals — we always come here, pay 3x more than for a regular lunch and leave hungry for lunch at a real restaurant. But on the other hand, we probably wouldn’t come across such strange dishes voluntarily elsewhere
  30. Workshops — I guess I will participate in every possible one, we are going to a coffee preparation workshop next time
  31. Skiing — so I’m looking forward to winter
  32. Family celebrations — even though I don’t really like them, it’s always fun when I’m at them :D and i will survive. But only one family event per a long period. I am introvert …. still :D
  33. Gardering — great relax and you have own healthy food
  34. Cleaning — it can be fun , when you will make a fun from it :D
  35. Time alone — the most important activity. I do not want to be never with someone nonstop — 24/7. I need to recharge alone at home, during the walks, in bath..anyway. 80/20 rule is here also important.

It’s always good to make compromise for the other person and try their hobby as well. I see relationships like sets. You have something common and this must be the most important values in your lifes. And then each of the partner has own opinions, activities, which can do alone.